Who we are

Conscious Ageing is a social venture and an impact generator initiative, founded in 2017.
In 2019 Hekate Conscious Ageing Foundation was set up in the Netherlands, to boost our activities.

Coming from rather different backgrounds and focus areas, we realized that throughout our professional career and personal paths, conscious and responsible living were always major driving forces for both of us.

We also realise that ageing is a rather big deal both on personal and social levels. Western countries are all ageing. People live longer and have the chance to benefit from and contribute to society in new ways. A whole new economy, “Silver Economy” is emerging. At the same time, Europe faces a care-crisis that also have significant implications in many levels of the society.

Our intention with Conscious Ageing is to face these challenges and opportunities. Also, to address them in ways that are beneficial for both the ageing people and society.

During our work, we are constantly aware that climate change is here now, as a result of non-sustainable human activities. We believe that this is the responsibility of our generation and our ancestors’, that Nature is in such a wounded shape. We hold responsibility for the current state of Nature and for the future of younger generations. In our work, we are willing to respond to this as well.


Kinga Milankovics
(co-founder, economist, permaculturist, care provider)

Conscious Ageing to me is a philosophical yet practical approach, that can help people grow. I strongly believe, that based on the experiences we gained in our lives so far, Conscious Ageing is one way to improve our freedom, lived in a responsible way.

What I did in the past

  • Researcher and lecturer St Istvan University, Institute of Environmental and Landscape Management, Hungary (1994-2008)
  • Activist in areas of social and environmental sustainability (since 1998)
  • Founder or volunteer or president of a number of women’s organisations and green NGOs (since 1998)
  • Hungarian delegate to the Board of the European Women’s Lobby (2008-2010)
  • Monitoring Committee member of the Environment and Energy Operational Program, Hungary (2008-2014)
  • Consultant for rural municipalities in environmental investment projects (2008-2012)
  • Developing and implementing a gender-sensitive rural and community development program in the Godollo region, Hungary
  • Studying, exploring, cultivating, and spreading the idea of permaculture, both its environmental and social aspects (since 2001)
  • Trainer, teacher, organiser, facilitator, moderator in a countless number of trainings, self-support circles, women’s circles, study groups.

My current research interest

  • Purple and silver economy
  • Social sustainability and the care-crisis in Europe (with focus on the UK, Malta and Hungary)
  • Environmental and social sustainability and how harmful tendencies could be tackled by permaculture principles

Awards, fellowships



Milena Milankovics
(co-founder, Gestalt Therapist, Menopause activist)

I am working towards a society in which one can experience ageing in an active, free, autonomous, and responsible way. Towards a society in which all intergenerational knowledge, skills, and experiences are united in order to build a sustainable way of living.

While researching the topics of midlife changes and menopause, I conducted over 50 interviews with women and men from all over Europe. Although these changes can be triggered by various life events and might manifest differently, they inevitably occur around the age of 35-55. While this period of intense midlife change might extend over multiple years, it is almost considered taboo in our current society.

Living in the Netherlands allowed me to gain experience and actively engage in the creation of a more inclusive community/society. My main activities include individual therapy sessions, organising entrepreneur accelerator program for people experiencing career shift in midlife change, and raising awareness of menopause.

What I did in the past

In the first 20 years of my professional career I led teams, managed projects, clients and services. I developed myself, other individuals, organisations and IT systems.

My current research interest

  • Menopause
  • Midlife changes
  • Ageism in the digital world
  • Silver economy


Team members

Orsi Viga
(Partner, Gestalt Therapist, Trainer)

I’m a psychologist currently living and working in The Hague, Netherlands.

People are and were always my main focus of interest. After working with people in organizations for 15 years, a year ago I decided to dedicate myself solely to therapeutic work. Now I work as a Gestalt Therapist with individuals and couples. I lead groups for women to enhance vitality and support transition from one life phase to another. I also train Gestalt Therapists. I am the co-founder and managing partner of Budapest Gestalt Institute.

I love living, I am constantly learning which is joyful, exciting, also tiring and scary sometimes. I aim to support my clients in feeling more at home and alive in their life and relationships. You can find more about my professional background at LinkedIn:


What I did in the past

I’ve been developing people and organizations as a consultant, trainer, and coach between 2005-2019 in Hungary. I was a teacher of Business Coaching at Budapest Business School. 

Meantime I was trained in Gestalt Therapy at the Norwegian Gestalt Institute and since 2012 I’ve been working as a therapist with private clients.