Conscious ageing focus areas

The vision of Conscious Ageing is a World in which ageing is valued and appreciated.

The mission of Conscious Ageing is to redefine the meaning and content of ageing in our ever so changing World.
Our intention is to fundamentally reshape the impact of ageing on both individuals and the society.

Our main activities:

  • Information providing, awareness raising, campaigns
  • Community development
  • Counselling
  • Education, trainings
  • Research
  • Building bridges among generations
  • Advocacy

Areas we are interested in:

  • Health and well-being on individual level
  • Healthcare, health, resilience on individual, community and social levels
  • Prevention
  • Lifelong learning
  • ICT, AI and ageing
  • Care, care crisis
  • Environmental and social sustainability, conscious living in our natural and social environment
  • Social responsibility of ageing individuals towards new generations and the environment
  • Or in general: our place and role in this rapidly changing World

We are open for cooperation with other organizations and individuals.
Please, get in touch.