Gaia Retreat series

The focus areas of these retreats are personal development, midlife changes, responsible freedom, environmental consciousness, permaculture. All of these are part of the content, to some extent.

However, different retreats offer different core themes from holistic permaculture garden development to inner growth (pretty much the same concept anyway :)).

Our current retreats/workshops/trainings are:

Tackling Midlife Change workshops (2,5 days each, non-residential, location: Malta, language: English)

  1. Embracing and cultivating Midlife Change and the opportunities it brings
  2. Who am I, where am I so far, where am I heading to in the current state of my life
  3. Creating space for the New by letting Old Stuff go, Giving birth to the New
  4. Harvesting the fruits, rejoicing, taking time to celebrate who we are, who we became

Permaculture related workshops

  • Introduction to permaculture (both social and environmental aspects)
  • Permaculture principles in everyday life
  • Vermiculture: how to cooperate with earthworms to turn kitchen waste into soil aka the Beauty of Cycles

Individual therapy sessions

These are offered by Milena, contact her for further details.

Awareness raising regarding Care Crisis

We are absolutely sure that Care Crisis in Europe (and elsewhere) is one of the major unsolved issues of our current societies.
Therefore we raise awareness about the issue on personal, community, national and EU level as well.







Gair Retreats are