Welcome to Conscious Ageing!

After walking the Earth for nearly fifty years, half a century, LIFE starts to have a different taste and feel.

Time and health become ever so precious. The whole set of feelings, pleasures and pains, ups and downs, starts to gain more and more depth and contrast.

How much time do we have left…? 1-2-10-20-50-60 years? Or perhaps just a few hours? We cannot tell.

But there is one thing for sure: we do not want to waste any of it.

Being immensely passionate about life, inner peace and freedom, our aim is to consciously discover and live the treasures we find on the path we still have to walk. Enjoying freedom in a responsible, respectful way.

Two sisters, Kinga and Milena, have joined up here, to hold space for a Conscious Aging community.

If these thoughts and feelings resonate with you, we invite you to join our community.



Although many of our activities are online and available anywhere, Conscious Ageing is officially operating in the Netherlands and the UK, but also active in Malta and Hungary.